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I describe myself as an Integrative Therapist, what does that mean?

Like all human beings, my clients are multi-faceted and bring a wide range of issues to me. They bring their stories – stories that encompass those around them in their current lives and those who have gone before. Some clients feel anxious and broken, others are deeply bereaved. Many are facing a big life transition, a relationship problem or difficulties at work. Some are experiencing a spiritual crisis.

I have integrated different theories and draw on these, my own life experience, my knowledge and my therapeutic skills, to respond to these stories in whatever way is best for that particular client. Maybe what they need is to be heard and acknowledged? Maybe they are looking for goals or solutions? Maybe they want to deal with past trauma or make sense of a recent event? It is my experience that through the telling of these stories within a trusting, non-judgemental, accepting relationship, clients come to understand themselves and their inner motivations more fully, accept themselves more positively and look to the future with more clarity.

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